This is not a blog of *just* cute dog videos

I realized after posting my second cute dog video, that perhaps someone might get confused.  The Corporate Compassionista is not about sweet animal videos, but rather it’s about bringing compassionate meditation to the workplace — and doing so by taking cues from our beloved pets.  Our pets are masters at this thing called “compassion.” They can’t help it because they live in the present moment.  Living in the moment means living with an open heart that is in the flow of giving and receiving compassion.  This is why we love being with our pets. We feel good when we are with our furry four-legged loved ones because we know that they love us unconditionally, even when we are at our worst behavior.  Throw a tantrum and your dog doesn’t turn it’s head and walk away.  No, your dog looks you in your eyes and let’s you know that he’s here for you. And we, in turn, love our pets unconditionally. Imagine, how it might be if just part of your day at work was spent living in the moment with this open heart of giving and receiving compassion – to your boss, your co-workers and to your clients.


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